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USA Scott 569 30¢ Bison double transfer variety, unused

Price: $42.99

US Scott 569 30¢ Bison from the Fourth Bureau issue with a stunning double transfer most evident in the “30” at lower right and in the “STAGE” of “POSTAGE.”

This stamp was printed in sheets of 400 which were then cut down into panes of 100 for distribution. The double transfer occurs in a single position on one of the plates used to print this stamp (plate #16065), and is listed and pictured in the Scott Specialized Catalogue as a variety of Scott 569.

This stamp is unused with original gum, apparently never hinged, but has a diagonal crease that is evident from the reverse. From the front, it’s a nice looking stamp.

Catalogue value for a mint single without flaws is $225. Because of the crease, this one can be yours for less than 20% of catalogue value.

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Product code: US0000056900RS0 Catalogue number: 569