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USA Scott 406 2¢ Washington (type I) on 1913 cover

Price: $1.99

This cover mailed within Kentucky in January 1913 was sent from a dead post office to a dead post office!

According to Jim Forte’s Postal History site, the Zion (Henderson County) post office ceased operations in 1913, while the Mount Sharon (Todd County) post office closed in 1934.

The front of the cover has a handstamped postmark from Zion dated January 29, 1913. The reverse bears a wavy flag machine cancellation from Henderson (Henderson County), also dated January 29; a handstamped postmark from Elkton (Todd County), dated January 30; and a handstamped postmark from Mount Sharon dated January 30.

Postage was paid by US Scott 406 2¢ George Washington (perf. 12). Addressed to a Mr. Williams of Mount Sharon.

Cover is reduced at right and has numerous other flaws, and a portion of the stamp is torn away.

Product code: US0000040600UC2 Catalogue number: 406