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Fox Glacier

South Island, New Zealand

From its origin in the mountains on the western side of the South Island, New Zealand’s Fox Glacier descends roughly a mile and a half over the course of its eight mile long track, coming to an end amidst temperate rainforest less than a quarter mile from the sea.1 2 Although relatively small in comparison to nearby Tasman Glacier, Fox Glacier is as much as 1,000 feet thick even within the valley where its terminus sits.3 4

Fox Glacier is one of the world’s most easily accessed glaciers. That, combined with its close proximity to other landmarks such as Aoraki/Mount Cook, Mount Tasman, and Lake Matheson helps make it one of the most visited glaciers in New Zealand, too.

40-cent New Zealand postage stamp picturing Fox Glacier on the South Island
Fox Glacier



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Published 2018-06-18