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Yosemite mail from me to myself

Some weeks when I check my post office box, I have mail from someone else. Some weeks, the only mail is from myself.

Such was the case this week when the only things in my box were a credit card offer (junk) and my Yosemite Grant first day cover.

Philosateleian Post Yosemite Grant first day cover
Philosateleian Post Yosemite Grant FDC

Call me biased, but I think this is the best local post stamp design I’ve ever done, and I just had to add one to my collection.

For what it’s worth, I don’t actually write letters to myself; I’m simply a stamp collector. How about you? Do you ever send mail to yourself, or do you depend solely on others to fill your mailbox?

Published 2014-06-05


Karl Fry (2014-06-07 12:38):

Thank you for the cover you sent me. The prize was great! Do you have any other info on the cover? Also the Yosemite stamp is great! really stands out on the envelope! I might need you to design and print a tamp for me! Thanks Karl

Mick (2014-06-07 15:04):

I also think that it is your most attractive stamp yet.

Kevin Blackston (2014-06-08 22:26):

Karl and Mick, thanks for the kind comments about my Yosemite stamp. Karl, I don’t know anything else about the cover I sent except it was in an accumulation I acquired several years ago. I’m not opposed to designing other local post stamps; let’s talk!

Fabio G. (2014-06-10 04:48):

That's an awesome stamp indeed! Too bad here in Italy we can't have local post offices :(

Kevin Blackston (2014-06-14 22:08):

No kidding! It’s a fun thing to be able to do.

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