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Winning a gift card

Although I share excess covers and stamps with other collectors via the Philosateleian Post Horn’s monthly giveaway, I’m not used to being on the receiving end in a contest. Imagine my surprise, then, when I recently received a letter containing a $25 gift card from American Philatelic Society Executive Director Scott English!

If you receive the APS E-Newsletter, you may have noticed that there’s a monthly quiz on the content of The American Philatelist. I was one of a couple of dozen readers who answered all five questions in the June quiz correctly, and my name was apparently selected at random to receive the gift card. How cool!

If you’re an APS member but don’t normally read the member e-newsletter, take a moment to open it up. If nothing else, the quiz might send you back to the print magazine to find some bit of information you missed, and that is an excellent way to learn. And you never know—like me, you just might win something!

Published 2016-07-26


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