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When life is too busy for stamps

Out of curiosity, I just checked to see when I last posted something to this blog, and it looks like it was well over a month ago. Wow, where has the time gone?

As you might guess, the past few weeks have been very busy with family, church, and doing some freelance web development. The last of those has brought in a little bit of extra income, but it has also consumed the bulk of what little time I might otherwise have spent on stamp-related pursuits.

On the plus side, I’m hoping there might be a little breathing space over the next week or two. The days are just about long enough for me to once again start making an occasional meeting of the San Antonio Philatelic Association, and the Texas Stamp Dealers Association’s quarterly San Antonio bourse is scheduled for this coming weekend at the Norris Conference Center off Interstate 410. Hopefully I’ll get to pop in there for a couple of hours.

In addition to those activities, I’ll be working on the next issue of the Philosateleian Post Horn as well as the May–June issue of The Poster. Busy times, but hopefully some fun too after some very busy weeks!

Published 2017-04-30


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