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USPS issues stamp, forgets design

On April 1, the United States Postal Service issued its “From Me to You” stamp to celebrate National Card & Letter Writing Month. Due to an unexplained decision made during the design approval process, however, the stamp was issued with no design.

United States Forever stamp bearing the text 'From Me to You'
From Me to You stamp

Okay, okay, I’m probably being too harsh. I mean, the four words that make up the “design” of this stamp are in different sizes and colors. The 1991 “F” rate makeup stamp, stuck with a single font size and color, was arguably even less visually interesting.

Non-denominated United States stamp bearing text indicating the stamp, along with a 25-cent stamp, pays the 'F' rate
“F” Stamp Rate makeup stamp

On the other hand, that “F” rate stamp did have a border, so maybe it wasn't so terrible after all.

Granted, my negative opinion of the “From Me to You” stamp is hardly universal. When the Letter Writers Alliance blog covered the release of the stamp, comments were very positive overall. And my sister likes the stamp, too, so maybe my dislike of it is just my curmudgeonly old man side showing its face.

What do you think of the “From Me to You” stamp?

Published 2015-05-17


Alan B (2015-05-19 02:05):

Well you've had Bob the Builder writing presidential slogans, now the Chuckle Brothers are designing stamps ;-)

Kevin Blackston (2015-05-19 23:23):

I’d never heard of the Chuckle Brothers, but after reading about their catchphrases, I can see how you would reach that conclusion!

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