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The Glaucoma Foundation joins reply envelope movement

Continuing what has become something of a series on nonprofit business reply envelopes, today I’m bringing to your attention a BRE included in a mailing that I received last week from The Glaucoma Foundation.

Although the envelope does not have any actual cinderella stamps attached to it, there are three pre-printed stamp-sized images: one picturing a flower and a butterfly, the second picturing a bird, and the third picturing a different flower.

Business reply envelope bearing three pre-printed stamp-sized images
The Glaucoma Foundation business reply envelope

As I think I’ve observed in the past, this sort of thing is far more interesting if cindrella stamps or labels are attached, but this is still an attractive envelope, and a definite step up from the undecorated BRE’s more often included in mailings from nonprofit organizations.

Published 2021-06-13


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