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Summer stamp activities

In the July issue of the Philosateleian Post Horn, I asked if collectors were keeping up with their stamps during the summer, or if warmer weather had folks focusing on non-philatelic pursuits. Several readers responded.

“We have been having spring weather (rain, rain, and more rain),” writes Tom M. “This has allowed me time to plow into my collection and add many more stamps to the pages. I am still, however, behind in my goal to be all put away by year’s end, but will press on during these rainy hot days.” Dan S. is also “still collecting even though the temperature is in the 90s and dew point in the 70s.” (The weather in both cases obviously lends itself to keeping the stamps indoors.)

Other readers are taking a little bit of a break. Debbie J. says her grandchildren are on summer break, and she is spending extra time with them. And Dave N. has done little with his stamps for a couple of weeks, but he has ordered some stock pages with an eye toward organizing some stamps for sale.

Speaking of selling stamps, Dave asked about my eBay activities. I list items from time to time using the handle “philosateleian,” and you can find my items listed on my eBay My World page.

How are you spending your summer? Is there any time for stamps?

Published 2013-07-14


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