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Stamps shows being held in Georgia, Florida

If you live in the Atlanta or Fort Lauderdale areas, the next few weekends have some exciting stamp-related events in store for you.

First, AmeriStamp Expo is being held in Atlanta this weekend, Friday–Sunday. AmeriStamp Expo is the American Philatelic Society’s annual winter show, and has both exhibits and a sales area with dealers from all over the country. I do wish things had worked out for me to go this year. Alas, there’s just a bit too much going on and a bit too little spending money available for me to be able to justify the journey north.

Next, the ASDA Winter Postage Stamp Show will be held in Fort Lauderdale two weekends from now, February 12–14. Although not quite on the same scale as AmeriStamp, it’s still kind of a big deal especially for those who are actively looking to add material to their collections.

Published 2016-01-28


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