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Stamp Exchange features trading, but discussions, too

If you’ve done much looking around at all, you’ve no doubt run across an online forum or two devoted to stamp collecting. I’m aware of several, have participated to some extent on a couple, and am an occasional “lurker” on two others when I have the time.

In spite of all this, I had somehow never run across Stamp Exchange until one of the administrators there recently contacted me to let me know about his site.

The organization of Stamp Exchange’s message boards suggests an emphasis on the selling and trading of postage stamps; although I haven’t tried to work out any exchanges myself, it looks like a promising resource if you’re trying to get rid of duplicates and acquire new material inexpensively.

(There’s always a risk associated with trading with an unknown individual contacted online, of course, but in my experience most such individuals are straightforward in their dealings, and those who aren’t are very quickly outed by whatever online community it is in which they’ve been participating.)

Stamp Exchange also features the usual mix of forums focused on United States or international material, plus a general discussion board for all things stamp related.

If you haven’t previously participated in the online stamp forum scene, or if you’re still looking for the right fit, give Stamp Exchange a try—and let me know how you like it.

Published 2014-02-12


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