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Sneak preview: red-shouldered hawk local post stamp

The details are still being finalized, but I thought you might like to see Philosateleian Post’s newest stamp, which pictures a red-shouldered hawk.

Red-shouldered Hawk stamp
Red-shouldered Hawk stamp

Planned date of issue for this stamp is July 1. I’ll post more here soon.

Published 2015-05-03


Daniel Ptashny (2015-05-04 14:05):

Wow - I really like the design! It looks like a real stamp! But, where in the stamp does to say that the bird is a red-shouldered hawk?

Kevin Blackston (2015-05-04 23:14):

I’m glad you like the design! I opted to omit wording describing the subject because I’ve discovered that I get better results from inkjet and laser printers when I don't try to include especially small fonts in my stamp designs. In this case, with the white background behind the hawk, I probably could have gotten away with using a small text size and still had it be legible, but…I decided to keep it simple.

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