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Simpsons stamps are smaller than I expected

When I first saw pictures of the Simpsons stamps in USA Philatelic, the USPS sales catalog, I thought the stamps were going to be issued in the large commemorative format used for the Disney stamps issued over the past few years, for example. It turns out they’re much smaller—the size of the Christmas stamps issued each year, in fact.

There’s no problem with this, but it does mean the spaces for those stamps on my 2009 stamp album pages were far too large. I’ve changed the size of those spaces, and you can download the fixed page [PDF] now.

Did the Simpsons stamps meet your expectations, or are you surprised they were not issued in a larger format?

Published 2009-07-14


Roy Jones (2009-07-22 06:47):

I only have one of these stamps. (Not that many arrive this side of the pond) I was surprized that they were not bigger as they have a wide appeal especially to younger collectors.

Kevin Blackston (2009-07-26 20:00):

That’s an excellent point, Roy—I hadn’t even thought about the stamps’ potential attractiveness to younger collectors. That makes the smaller format seem like an even stranger decision.

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