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Sawyer’s Crossing bridge featured on Purgatory Post local post stamp

Earlier this month I received a letter from Scott A., the operator of Purgatory Post, who used a copy of his latest local post stamp picturing the Sawyer’s Crossing covered bridge in New Hampshire.

Purgatory Post Sawyer's Crossing cover
Purgatory Post Sawyer’s Crossing cover

The Sawyer’s Crossing bridge is a 158 foot long span built in 1859 to provide a crossing point over the Ashuelot River. The stamp features a view of the bridge inside a frame that bears more than a passing resemblance to the frames used on the United States 1901 Pan-American stamps.

Purgatory Post Sawyer's Crossing stamp
Purgatory Post Sawyer’s Crossing stamp

This is the fourth in a series of stamps picturing New Hampshire’s covered bridges. Although Purgatory Post has issued its share of stamps picturing subjects with broader appeal, a number of its issues do feature subjects that are geographically relevant to its operator, and I’m happy to include some of them in my collection.

Published 2014-06-22


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