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Renewal by Andersen ad uses presorted standard stamp

While I’ve posted on occasion about mail pieces that I’ve received from various non-profit organizations, receiving any piece of advertising mail that’s not related to a charity but still appeals to me as a stamp collector is a real rarity these days. Nevertheless, last month I did receive a flyer that fits that description from Renewal by Andersen.

This advertisement is printed on a single unfolded sheet of heavy paper that I normally would have tossed into the trash can or recycle bin except for one thing: it has a genuine United States postage stamp on it! It’s a presorted standard stamp issued in 2020, but a stamp it is.

Renewal by Andersen flyer with 2020 presorted standard stamp affixed
Renewal by Andersen flyer with presorted standard stamp

The return address on the mail piece is in Austin, Texas, but the stamp is tied by a Minneapolis, Minnesota, mailer’s postmark. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was part of a campaign involving Andersen outlets in multiple regions with all of the advertisements distributed from a single location, but I don’t have proof of that one way or the other.

I do think it’s interesting that the mailer chose to use stamps. Conventional thinking is that the use of non-profit or presorted standard stamps on business envelopes boosts open rates, but it’s kind of difficult to believe that it would make much difference one way or the other on something using this particular format.

My guess is that few mail pieces like this are ever saved, so who knows? It’s not likely to ever be valuable, but one day this could be a modern postal history rarity.

Published 2021-04-20


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