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Rattlesnake Island Local Post covers arrive

I recently received a piece of mail from a sender whose name I did not recognize, and when I opened it up, there was a nice surprise inside: a stack of Rattlesnake Island stamps, postcards, and covers like the one shown here from the late 1960s and early 1970s!

Cover bearing three Rattlesnake Island Local Post stamps canceled on December 1, 1969
Rattlesnake Island Local Post cover

Rattlesnake Island Local Post was one of the earlier modern local posts, and is of course probably one of the best known. According to the Rattlesnake Island Club website, the operation based on Rattlesnake Island in Lake Erie issued stamps from 1966–1989, and then again from 2005–2013.

Although I already had a few Rattlesnake Island stamps, this donation will definitely expand my collection. The sender expressed a desire to remain anonymous, but I want to say “thank you” anyway!

Published 2019-03-10 Last updated 2019-03-12


TL (2021-03-08 16:44):

Was going through my late father's stamp collection & found an envelope just like the one posted above! --the same 3 stamps, same Port Clinton postmark & date, same handwriting in the address (but to a different recipient). Interesting!

Kevin Blackston (2021-03-10 22:56):

That is interesting! I had assumed that individual collectors provided self-addressed covers to have stamps affixed and postmarked on the first day of issue, but perhaps Rattlesnake Island’s postmaster did the addressing.

Dave Gill (2022-04-01 13:06):

I enjoy "all things RILP" and appreciate your posting of the cover. A minor correction to the printing years.

On the second run of issues, 2010 was the final issue year. And since then, Dr. Frackelton has passed away

and the local post has ceased operations.

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