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Quarter 3 “USA Philatelic” pictures non-existent error stamp

Two or three weeks back, I received my copy of the Quarter 3 issue of USA Philatelic, the United States Postal Service’s official sales catalogue. While thumbing through it to see what might be of interest, I noticed that something didn’t look exactly right on page 25.

Illustration showing USS Arizona Memorial stamps without denomination
Illustration showing USS Arizona Memorial stamps without denomination

Although the large illustration of the $19.99 USS Arizona Memorial stamp is okay, the stamps in the pane of 10 depicted behind it have no denomination!USA” and the face value were omitted from the stamps.

My wife asked if maybe the information was omitted intentionally. I suppose it’s possible that someone was afraid the “stamps,” if values were printed on them, might be cut out and used on letters. It does seem strange, though, to omit the face values from those stamps only when other stamps are depicted with the values merely crossed out.

The denomination omitted stamps don’t really exist as far as I know. But what do you think? Did USA Philatelic make a mistake, or is the omission intentional?

Published 2014-07-24


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