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Purgatory Post issues Falcon 9/Crew Dragon local post stamp

Purgatory Post, a private local post based in New Hampshire, earlier this month issued a stamp commemorating the first manned flight of SpaceX’s Falcon 9 spacecraft and its associated Crew Dragon capsule. The 9-sola stamp was released on July 6.

Purgatory Post 9-sola stamp picturing Falcon 9 & Crew Dragon
Purgatory Post 9-sola Falcon 9/Crew Dragon stamp

NASA and SpaceX launched the Falcon 9 and Crew Dragon, which flew to the International Space Station, in May of this year. It was the first manned spaceflight originating from United States soil since the final mission of Space Shuttle Atlantis in 2011.

The design of the new stamp is based on an artist’s rendition of the spacecraft in flight. As is generally the case with Purgatory Post issues, the Falcon 9/Crew Dragon stamp was released in miniature sheets of four.

Published 2020-07-16 Last updated 2020-07-26


Monica (2020-07-22 21:54):

Hi! This is so cool! Is there a place where all the hobbyist local post offices are listed so I can start collecting them? From some googling, it looks like the Local Post Collectors Society was the place to go for this, but they lost their domain in 2016.

Kevin Blackston (2020-07-23 22:25):

You can find the Local Post Collectors Society's current website at In the meantime, if you see a local post stamp here that interests you, please send me a note and I'll see if I can put you in contact with the people producing the stamps.

Pam (2020-08-02 16:29):

Hi, Kevin,

How can I obtain a sheet of the Purgatory Post Falcon 9 Crew Dragon stamps?

Kevin Blackston (2020-08-02 23:14):

I’m pretty sure Purgatory Post’s operator will be happy to assist you. I’ll pass your contact information along to him.

B (2020-08-02 18:36):

wow! These are cool!

Kevin Blackston (2020-08-02 23:15):

Perhaps we could have used one of these from the USPS rather than 10 Bugs Bunny stamps, right? Not that I have anything against ol’ Bugs, but there are some other things worth commemorating.

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