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Purgatory Post issues Artemis 1 local post stamps

Purgatory Post on January 4, 2023, kicked off the calendar year by issuing a pair of 1-sola stamps commemorating Artemis 1. The mission that ran from November 16–December 11, 2022, saw an uncrewed spacecraft launched, placed into orbit around the Moon, and successfully returned to Earth.

Pair of 1-sola Purgatory Post stamps picturing Artemis 1 spacecraft, Moon and Earth, and Artemis 1 mission patch
Purgatory Post 1-sola Artemis 1 stamps

One of the New Hampshire-based local post’s stamps features a view of part of the spacecraft looking back toward Earth as well as its launch from Kennedy Space Center, while the other has a view of the Moon’s surface with Earth in the distance plus the Artemis 1 mission patch.

The goal of the Artemis program is to eventually return humans to the Moon’s surface. As of this writing, the first crewed Artemis mission is scheduled for next year with a lunar landing to take place in 2025.

Published 2023-01-18


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