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Purgatory Post commemorates Perseverance Mars rover

New Hampshire-based Purgatory Post on March 2 commemorated Perseverance, the Mars 2020 rover that landed on the Red Planet on February 18, with the issuance of a new 4-sola stamp picturing the rover.

The 4-sola stamp was issued in miniature sheets of four.

Purgatory Post 4-sola stamp picturing Mars 2020 mission’s Perseverance rover
Purgatory Post Mars 2020 Perseverance stamp

Perseverance has several tasks including checking for evidence of past life on Mars, running tests in preparation for potential future crewed missions to Mars, and collecting rock and soil samples.

I think Purgatory Post operator Scott A. did a very nice job with this stamp. The color certainly evokes thoughts of Mars, and the font selection fits well on the stamp, too.

Scott tells me that with various spaceflight anniversaries plus other planned missions this year, collectors can expect additional space-themed stamps from Purgatory Post in 2021.

Published 2021-03-08


trainfanatic (2021-04-04 20:28):

Hello Kevin,

Thanks for sharing this update. How can I get this stamp from Purgatory Post?

Please let me know,

Nakul Telang

Kevin Blackston (2021-04-06 21:30):

I’ll pass your information along to Purgatory Post’s operator and ask him to contact you.

Pam (2021-04-04 22:34):

Hello Kevin,

I too would like this stamp from Purgatory Post. Please let me know how to request it.

Please advise,

Pam Greenway

Kevin Blackston (2021-04-06 21:30):

I’ll also pass your contact information along.

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