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Purgatory Post commemorates extra long wooden covered bridge

Purgatory Post earlier this month released its latest stamp in a series commemorating the covered bridges of New Hampshire. The 20-sola stamp depicting the Cornish-Windsor Bridge was issued August 10.

Purgatory Post 20-sola stamp picturing Cornish-Windsor Bridge
Purgatory Post 20-sola Cornish-Windsor Bridge stamp

The stamp’s vignette is black while the frame is to my eyes a shade of teal or aquamarine.

At just a few inches under 450 feet long, the Cornish-Windsor Bridge was for many years the longest wooden covered bridge in the United States. It spans the Connecticut River between New Hampshire and Vermont.1

The Cornish-Windsor Bridge was built in 1866 for $9,000. Various maintenance and renovation projects culminated with a $4.45 million reconstruction of the bridge in 1989.


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Published 2022-08-24 Last updated 2022-08-25


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