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Purgatory Post commemorates Chocorua

New Hampshire’s Purgatory Post earlier this month continued its series of stamps commemorating the steamships of Lake Winnipesaukee with the release of a new stamp picturing the Chocorua. The 3-sola design in green and black was issued September 13, 2022.

Purgatory Post 3-sola stamp picturing Chocorua
Purgatory Post 3-sola Chocorua stamp

The ship, originally christened the Dover, made its first voyage on August 18, 1852, but within a few years the vessel was being outpaced by the Lady of the Lake.1 Dover’s owners rebuilt their steamship, lengthening it and renaming it Chocorua, a name shared by a local mountain and originally a native chief.2

Chocorua continued operating until it was replaced by the faster Mount Washington in 1872, and three years later, Chocorua was dismantled.3


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Published 2022-09-22


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