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Purgatory Post commemorates Apollo 17 mission

New Hampshire-based Purgatory Post earlier this month issued the last in its series of local post stamps commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Apollo space program flights. Two 17-sola stamps picturing the crew of Apollo 17 and their spacecraft were released on December 7.

Purgatory Post 17-sola stamps picturing Apollo 17 astronauts, spacecraft, and mission emblem
Purgatory Post Apollo 17 stamps

The first stamp pictures astronauts Harrison Schmitt, Ronald Evans, and Gene Cernan along with Apollo 17’s launch on December 7, 1973, while the second stamp features a photo of Cernan on the Moon’s surface plus the official mission emblem.

Although this month’s stamps are the last for the Apollo program, Purgatory Post operator Scott A. tells me he plans to release stamps next year to mark the 50th anniversaries of the Skylab missions of 1973.

Published 2022-12-20


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