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Purgatory Post celebrates space missions, Smithsonian leader

As I continue to try to catch up on blog posts, perhaps nothing proves just how far behind I’d gotten as the fact that I have three months’ worth of new issues from New Hampshire’s Purgatory Post to share with you!

The first pair of 16-sola stamps, which were issued on April 6, 2022, commemorated the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 16 mission between April 16 and April 27, 1972. One of the stamps depicts astronauts John Young, Ken Mattingly, and Charles Duke and the launch of their spacecraft, while the other has a reproduction of the mission patch and a photo of Young standing next to the Apollo Lunar Module.

Purgatory Post 16-sola stamps picturing Apollo 16 astronauts, spacecraft, Apollo Lunar Module, and mission patch
Purgatory Post 16-sola Apollo 16 stamps

Next up is a pair of stamps celebrating the successful launch of SpaceX Crew-4 on April 27 of this year. Astronauts Robert Hines, Samantha Cristoforetti, Jessica Watkins, and Kjell Lindgren are pictured along with their spacecraft’s launch on one of the stamps, while the Crew Dragon and mission patch are shown on the second stamp. The 4-sola stamps were issued on May 4.

Purgatory Post 4-sola stamps picturing SpaceX Crew-4 astronauts, spacecraft, and mission patch
Purgatory Post 4-sola SpaceX Crew-4 stamps

Finally, Purgatory Post on June 8 issued a single stamp in miniature sheets of four that has a personal connection to its designer. Dr. Charles Greeley Abbot (1872–1973) was an astrophysicist who served as Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution from 1928 until 1944. According to Purgatory Post’s operator, Scott A., his great-great-uncle maintained an office at the Smithsonian and continued working there until shortly before his death at the age of 101! He held more than a dozen patents related to solar energy, and also helped negotiate the return of the Wright Brothers’ flyer from England to the United States.

The 17-sola Charles Greeley Abbot stamp commemorates the 150th anniversary of Abbot’s birth.

Purgatory Post 17-sola stamp picturing Dr. Charles Greeley Abbot
Purgatory Post 17-sola Dr. Charles Greeley Abbot stamp

And with that, I think we’re caught up on Purgatory Post stamps. My hope is to do a better job of letting you know about new issues moving forward!

Published 2022-06-14


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