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Project HOPE BRE bears five preprinted faux stamps

When I checked my post office box last week, it contained plenty of mail but not much of great interest. There were a couple of items worth mentioning, however, the first of which is pictured in this post.

This is a business reply envelope distributed in a fundraising mailing from the nonprofit Project HOPE. The front of the envelope features five preprinted simulated stamp designs picturing some of the organization’s volunteers and aid recipients.

Project HOPE business reply envelope with five preprinted stamp-sized designs picturing volunteers and charity recipients
Project HOPE business reply envelope with preprinted stamp-sized designs

The designs have fuzzy edges intended to roughly simulate stamp perforations, but the designs themselves are a bit smaller than what you would expect out of genuine stamps.

There was one other interesting piece of mail that arrived last week, and I plan to write about it next time.

Published 2024-05-05


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