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New private local post in Italy releases first stamp

It’s not often that I get to mention a stamp from a brand new local post, but we’re getting 2022 off to a good start with this new issue from Ankon Local Post. The private local post operating in Castelfidardo, Italy, on November 4, 2021, released a commemorative stamp commemorating the 700th anniversary of the death of the poet Dante Alighieri.

1.40 Ankon Local Post Dante Alighieri stamp
Ankon Local Post Dante Alighieri stamp

The stamp has a face value of 1.40, though I have to admit the currency indicator is not one that’s familiar to me.

I’m quite pleased to welcome Ankon Local Post operator Rosalba P. to the local posting community, and look forward to seeing additional creations from her as we move forward.

Update (2022-02-11)

Rosalba commented below that her local post stamps are denominated in fiorino Ankonitano.

Published 2022-01-09 Last updated 2022-02-11


Rosalba (2022-02-11 05:28):

Hi Kevin,

the currency of ANKON Local Post is in FIORINO ANKONITANO.



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