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Louisiana seller offers Rosback perforator for 1¢

How would you like to own your very own antique Rosback pinhole perforator for just a penny? Someone could come away with just that with a seller in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, offering a full-size Rosback that appears to date from the 1930s with a starting bid of $0.01 or a buy-it-now price of $150.

That’s not to say that there wouldn’t be some additional costs involved even if you were the only bidder. For one thing, the seller is offering local pick-up only, so you would have to figure out a way to get the machine from Baton Rouge to wherever you are. In addition, this Rosback looks as though it has seen better days. At a minimum, you would have to build a new table, and to make use of the full width of the perforator, you would need to find some metal bars to hold down the pins along the right end. And I have no idea what condition the pins may be in.

I’m way too far from Baton Rouge to give this one any consideration, but I do hope someone puts in a bid with the idea of doing something creative with this machine, not just scrapping it for the metal value. It should be an interesting lot to watch.

Published 2019-07-29


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