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Looking for early covers from Mauk, Georgia

Some time back I learned a tiny bit about the postal history of a small community in the state of Georgia in the USA. The name of the place is Mauk.

There isn’t much to Mauk—a gas station, a volunteer fire station, and a church or two. And then there’s the post office, which today is housed in a single-wide mobile home.

It seems the Mauk post office opened in late 1906, November perhaps, after a railroad was built through the area. Dan Smith was the postmaster.

I have ties to Mauk, and I would be very interested in acquiring covers postmarked at the Mauk post office during its early days, if any such covers still exist.

Do you have any covers postmarked Mauk? Please let me know if you’re willing to sell.

Published 2009-07-12


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