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Letter Writers Alliance

Several weeks ago, I received an unexpected letter in the mail. The return address indicated that it was from an outfit called the Letter Writers Alliance.

The Letter Writers Alliance is, to put it in their words, dedicated to preserving the art form of writing handwritten letters—not just e-mail (though they’re not against e-mail), but real, sent through the mail letters. As a stamp collector, I can appreciate this sort of thing!

It turns out that the folks in charge of the LWA heard about Philosateleia because one of their members sent them a postcard via Philosateleian Post. Now I’m an honorary member, and one of the founders, Donovan, wrote up a very nice review of Philosateleia on the Letter Writers Alliance blog.

At $3 (plus postage), lifetime membership is probably about as affordable as anything I’ve ever seen, so if you’re a fan of letters, consider joining. Tell them that Kevin from Philosateleia sent you, and happy posting!

Published 2012-08-16


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