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Jefferson Territory Ghost Post issues basketball stamp

It’s time to shoot some hoops at Jefferson Territory Ghost Post! The Colorado-based local post recently issued a .05-dwt stamp picturing a basketball along with the text “Denver Celebrates.”

.05-dwt Jefferson Territory Ghost Post basketball stamp
Jefferson Territory Ghost Post basketball stamp

The design of this item reminds me very strongly of the basketball stamp from the 2017 United States “Have a Ball” issue, though the stamps in that set were of course round rather than square. The stamp is printed on self-adhesive paper, and is die cut with rounded corners. Printing on the reverse suggests this is some sort of commercially-available label stock, but I do not know who the manufacturer might be.

Why basketball? Although no release notes were included with the stamp I received, it’s no great leap of logic to understand that this stamp was released in celebration of the Denver Nuggets’ first NBA championship on June 12, the same day as the postmark on the cover I received.

Published 2023-06-26


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