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Happy Holidays cancellation results in humorous visual

Last week, I received an envelope in the mail with several older commemorative stamps on it. Of itself, this is not that unusual; a lot of collectors use surplus mint stamps from decades ago on their outbound mail. I’m working through using up a stash of such material myself. I get it.

What was kind of unusual was the placement of the “Happy Holidays” cancellation on the 1952 stamp honoring the 4-H Clubs. It looks like the elf in the cancellation just pegged the boy on the stamp in the face with a snowball!

3¢ United States stamp honoring The 4-H Clubs with “Happy Holidays” cancellation
Snowball fight on a 3¢ 4-H Clubs stamp

The kid doesn’t seem too upset about getting clobbered, so maybe a snowball fight is about to begin. Either way, this struck me as pretty humorous.

Published 2023-01-22


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