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Gotta love cows

The $1 Western Cattle in Storm (1898) is often noted as one of the most beautiful stamps the U.S. has ever issued. I don’t own one of the originals, but my collection does include one of the bicolored reprints of 1998.

Anyway, it’s interesting to read about the design’s background and how it became a sought-after stamp. And you can do just that thanks to Chicago Stamps’s article, America’s Most Beautiful Stamp?

What do you think? Is this stamp the most beautiful issued? Or is there another design that’s #1 in your book?

Published 2010-08-04


Santini (2010-08-07 23:56):

I think it's the most beautiful stamp...ever!

Stampnut76 (2010-08-08 00:01):

This stamp is truly a rare gem, dramatic in it's simplicity and exquisite in it's engraving....THE MOST BEAUTIFUL STAMP EVER!!!

Hassan (2010-08-08 00:08):

Do you have the 1995 Marilyn Monroe? Can't beat a hot blond on a stamp.

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