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Flying saucer adorns Tui-Tui postal card

As I continue working my way through the items in my mail tray, today I can share a scan of a Tui-Tui postal card I recently received from Dogfish, a mail artist in Washington state.

46p Tui-Tui stamp on 15-nupee Tui-Tui postal card
Tui-Tui postal card

In addition to the postal card’s 15-nupee design picturing a woman and a flying saucer, it also has a 46p Tui-Tui stamp with a 1997 date along with a United States brain coral postcard stamp issued in 2019.

Although artistamps and local post stamps are not necessarily exactly the same thing, they’re certainly both part of the overall family of cinderella stamps, and it’s always interesting to see what other creators are producing!

Published 2022-12-13


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