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Finishing spring cleaning

Each spring, my wife and I go through our humble abode top to bottom on a cleaning quest, removing any leavening we can find. Our tradition is based primarily on our religious beliefs, but there’s also a certain amount of satisfaction that comes with cleaning out old junk and things no longer needed and just tidying up in general.

We’ve been working on this project for several weekends now, and should be able to finish the dining area and patio this Sunday. And after that? Well, most likely another diaper change and feeding; the little one is approaching six months old. But after that? Stamps, I hope! It’s time to put together another issue of the Philosateleian Post Horn, and I owe several individuals letters.

I’m eager to get on to some of that, plus do some more writing for this blog. I realize I haven’t been terribly prolific over the past couple of weeks, but I appreciate your patience as we’ve been taking care of “real world” duties.

Published 2015-03-26


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