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Envelope from Chicago charity features preprinted flower designs

When I got back from a business trip last week, my post office box was full of mail. I spent some time Friday doing the initial sort-and-shred, then a while Sunday dealing with most of what was left. One of the items still remaining in my mail tray is yet another business reply envelope, this one from Chicago’s Mercy Home for Boys and Girls.

Mercy Home for Boys and Girls business reply envelope bearing two preprinted stamp-sized designs picturing flowers
Mercy Home for Boys and Girls business reply envelope

This BRE has two preprinted stamp-sized images picturing flowers. Both are dated 2019 despite the envelope being distributed in a mailing this month; my guess is the charity must have had a large lot of envelopes produced several years ago and is still working through old stock.

The print quality on the stamp-sized images is not fantastic, but the envelope we’re discussing here isn’t exactly made of photo paper. For what it is, it is no doubt adequate.

Published 2022-12-12


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