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Dream or nightmare?

If you’re looking for some kiloware to sort during the cold winter months, a company in Finland can help you out.

That’s assuming, of course, that you have somewhere to store over 27 tons of covers.

The single lot is being offered in an October 2 auction. It contains 25,000 kilograms (approximately 55,000 pounds) of covers packed in more than a thousand boxes. All of the covers were addressed to a company based in Finland.

The auctioneer has not yet released an estimate of the final sale price.

Many stamp collectors probably dream of having a virtually unlimited stash of material to go through, but this volume of covers boggles the mind. There’s little doubt it would be fun to sort through, but one has to wonder how many collectors even have a place to store so much material (or a family willing to put up with it).

Would you buy this lot if you could afford it and had room to store the covers? Or do you think it would turn into a nightmare for a collector bold enough to tackle it all alone?

Published 2010-08-30


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