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Discovering Sunday school stamps

I’ve heard of collectors focusing on a lot of different types of stamps: postage, revenue, locals, and so forth. What I hadn’t heard of before last week, however, is Sunday school stamps.

According to Sunday School Stamp Albums, a website maintained by an English collector named Steve, cinderella stamps picturing scenes from Bible stories and other religious-themed subjects—and albums in which to store them—were produced beginning in the early 1900s. Instructors doled them out as a sort of reward for regular attendance.

The majority of the stamps Steve shows on his site originated in the United Kingdom. He also points out examples from Australia and the USA, however, so the idea obviously did make it across the pond.

These are interesting-looking items, so if you get a chance, visit Sunday School Stamp Albums. Be sure to let Steve know you read about his site here.

Published 2014-03-17


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