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Cvrsvs Pvblicvs fantasy stamps for the Roman Empire

During the Roman Empire’s glory days, the government maintained an official courier system known as the cvrsvs pvblicvs. The cvrsvs pvblicvs could be used by those who had the emperor’s special permission to transport messages and goods between locations.

Although the cvrsvs pvblicvs was not a postal system in the modern sense of the term, I thought it would be fun to imagine what the Romans’ stamps would have looked like if they had used stamps, so I created these fantasy stamps.

Roman Empire cvrsvs publicvs official stamps
Cvrsvs Pvblicvs official stamps

The stamps are inscribed “solvm officialis” to indicate that they were valid for official use only. There is a less common variant that anachronistically uses “lorem ipsvm” placeholder text—an obvious error that no doubt would have greatly displeased the emperor.

Published 2017-07-30


Alex Hamling (2017-07-31 00:53):

Will these be postmarked in BCE or AC dates? ;-)

Kevin Blackston (2017-07-31 22:26):

Somehow I imagined these to be “common era” stamps, but since they aren’t dated, I suppose it is open to interpretation. :-D

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