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Como Park Post issues two stamps including Ukraine semipostal

It has been a few months since I mentioned any new stamps from Minnesota’s Como Park Post, but there are a couple of relatively recent issues that I’ve received or at least heard about.

The first of the stamps is a red 1¢ design that was enclosed in a cover postmarked March 29, 2022. There appear to be some black overprints, though I’m uncertain of the significance of those.

Como Park Post 1¢ stamp
Como Park Post 1¢ stamp

The second new issue is a 3¢ + $1 semipostal stamp, with proceeds from the surcharge being earmarked to support various Ukrainian relief organizations working in the country during the ongoing Russian invasion. According to Como Park Post operator Tom Betz, the stamps are being printed and perforated by Purgatory Post, another private local post whose stamps I’ve featured here in the past.

Como Park Post 1¢ stamp
Como Park Post 1¢ stamp

Semipostal local post stamps are not unheard of—I previously wrote about a Bat’s Private Post stamp issued in 2020 to raise funds for the Lebanese Red Cross—but they’re certainly not common.

If you’re interested in either of these stamps, you can write to:

Tom Betz
1337 Avon St N
Saint Paul MN 55117-4005

For the Ukraine stamp, Tom does request a minimum donation of $1 per stamp (i.e., the amount of the surcharge).

Published 2022-06-13


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