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Como Park Post issues recut 5¢ local post stamp

Como Park Post recently released a recut version of one of its 5¢ stamps. The design from the local post operating out of Saint Paul, Minnesota, is printed in blue.

Strip of three 5¢ Como Park Post stamps printed in blue
Como Park Post 5¢ stamps

Based on information provided by Como Park Post operator Tom B., it appears that there is at least one recut variety of this stamp, and while it may look a bit rustic, keep in mind that Tom hand-carves the blocks he uses to print his stamps. It makes me sound like a lazy bum in comparison, doing my graphic design on a computer and then running the results off an inkjet printer!

This is a time of year when there’s not always a great deal of stamp news, so I was happy to receive this from Tom so that I could share it with you.

Published 2021-12-16


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