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Como Park Post issues embossed 3¢ local post stamp

The first local post stamps of 2024 are already arriving in my mailbox, and the first of those I have to share with you is a new 3¢ stamp from Minnesota’s Como Park Post. The stamp was issued January 3.

A progressive proof shows the three stages of production required for this stamp. First, a frame bearing the letters “CPP” is printed; second, a solid purple oval is printed to serve as the vignette; and finally, a “3” is embossed in the center of the vignette.

3¢ Como Park Post stamps
Como Park Post 3¢ stamp proofs

Since the Saint Paul-based local post’s operator, Tom B., carves his own printing blocks, I can only assume those three steps have to be carried out for each and every stamp. That would be quite an involved process, and it demonstrates Tom’s dedication to his craft.

Published 2024-01-16


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