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Collector named to Stamp Advisory Committee

The newest member of the USPS’s Citizens’ Stamp Advisory Committee should be a strong voice for collectors.

Janet Klug, a longtime collector and former president of the American Philatelic Society, was officially named to serve on the committee earlier this week.

Although Klug will not be the only stamp collector on the Citizens’ Stamp Advisory Committee, her appointment does provide a bit of balance to a committee whose membership appears to include more graphic designers and college professors. It’s unclear how many of those individuals may be collectors themselves.

While Klug is only one voice on the committee, it will be interesting to see what impact she might have on the group’s recommendations for commemorative stamp topics. What do you think—will she be able to impact which people and subjects appear on U.S. stamps? Should she try, or are you satisfied with the current range of topics that are commemorated?

Published 2010-03-12


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