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Bat’s Private Post issues new dodo stamps

When I checked my post office box following the extended Memorial Day weekend, I found an unexpected treat inside, a first day cover from Bat’s Private Post in Beverly Hills, California. On the front of the cover and enclosed inside were pairs of 60¢ Dodo stamps issued on May 23.

Pair of 60¢ Bat’s Private Post stamps picturing dodos
Bat’s Private Post Dodo stamps

As you can see, one of the stamps is a standard issue, while the other bears an “OFFICIAL” handstamp in green.

According to a press release included with the stamps, the image of the dodo is taken from a 1907 painting by Frederick William Frohawk. The stamp, which is the first in a planned series featuring extinct birds of the Mascarene Islands, pays local postage on letters weighing up to one ounce.

The cover was postmarked in Beverly Hills on May 23, and I received it on May 26. Considering that May 24 was a Sunday, and May 25 was a holiday, I’d say that’s pretty speedy delivery on the part of the USPS!

For more information about Bat’s Private Post’s new dodo stamps, write to:

Bat’s Private Post
PO Box 11175
Beverly Hills CA 90213-4175
United States of America

Published 2020-05-27


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