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Another 14¢ American Indian stamp with plate flaws

I’ve previously mentioned finding a couple of 14¢ American Indian stamps with some nice plate flaws, and I recently ran across another one.

14-cent American Indian stamp with plate scratches in left quarter of vignette
14¢ American Indian stamp with plate scratches

As you can see, this stamp has a couple of things going on in the left quarter of the vignette. There’s a diagonal scratch running nearly from the chief’s eye up toward the “TE” of “UNITED,” plus a smaller but very distinct apparent scratch or gouge just inside the vignette frame to the right of the “U” of “UNITED.”

This sort of item is unlikely to ever hold a great deal of value above what a normal example is worth, but it does give me a way to add some interesting material to my collection at minimal cost.

Published 2018-04-11


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