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Animals adorn American Parkinson Disease Foundation envelope

Now that we’re in the last couple of weeks of 2022, the flow of incoming mail has slowed significantly as it normally does at this time of year. A mailing I received just last week from the American Parkinson Disease Foundation, however, did include something worth mentioning: another business reply envelope with preprinted faux “stamps.”

This BRE has three images featuring animals in winter scenes: a squirrel, a pair of penguins, and a songbird sitting on a snow-covered branch.

American Parkinson Disease Association business reply envelope with three preprinted stamp-sized images picturing animals
American Parkinson Diseases Association business reply envelope with animal images

Although the designs are printed directly on the envelope rather than being independent labels, the simulated printed perforations do give them a stamp-like appearance. Interestingly, the orientation of the images on this envelope is identical to those on BREs I received from the same nonprofit in September and October, though the images themselves are different.

Published 2022-12-21


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