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Adanaland issues semipostal stamp to raise Turkey relief funds

I recently received a note from Alan B. of Adanaland fame, and he included a copy of his newest cinderella stamp. The 6d + 2d stamp is printed in green, gray, and red, and it depicts an ambulance.

6d+2d Adanaland Post stamp picturing ambulance
6d+2d Adanaland Post Ambulance stamp

According to Alan, this is Adanaland’s first semipostal stamp. It was issued as part of an effort to raise relief funds for areas of Turkey affected by the February 2023 earthquake that caused nearly 60,000 deaths in Turkey and Syria.

All Adanaland stamps are printed on a letterpress, and the result is very striking indeed!

Published 2023-04-27 Last updated 2023-05-31


Alan B (2023-06-04 11:25):

This is part of a portfolio of letterpress printing to be sold as a fundraising effort. If you're interested, there may be some left — contact the coordinator, Mike Edwards on

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