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2020 annual supplement available for The Philosateleian

As you’re probably aware if you’ve been using The Philosateleian U.S. Stamp Album for any time at all, I release updated album pages four times a year, with spaces for stamps from long-running sets getting grouped with other stamps from the same series. I prefer to have pages ready for new stamps within a few months of when those stamps are issued, and to keep sets together as much as possible, even if that does mean having to reprint a few pages from time to time.

Not everyone feels the same way, of course, and for each of the past several years, I’ve also released an annual update. This includes my regular pages for a particular year plus a page or pages containing spaces for stamps that fit into earlier sets. With that in mind, I’ve released my 2020 annual supplement for The Philosateleian, which you can download at your convenience from the Annual section on my list of individual stamp album pages.

If you follow the recommended quarterly update track, you don’t need to download this update, but if you print new pages only once a year, it’s for you.

Published 2021-01-03


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