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2019 annual supplement available for The Philosateleian

Most users of The Philosateleian U.S. Stamp Album use the recommended quarterly update track, which requires printing updated album pages four times per year. This ensures that you have spaces for newly issued stamps within no more than three months of their date of issue.

For those who prefer to print once and be done with it, however, The Philosateleian does offer an annual update track, and I’m pleased to announce that The Philosateleian’s complete set of pages for 2019 is available as of this morning. The file is listed as the bottom of the individual stamp album pages webpage.

Once again, this is intended for those who print updated pages only once a year. If you print the quarterly supplements for The Philosateleian, you already have spaces for all of these stamps in your album, and you can ignore this update.

Published 2020-01-05


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