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USPS announces Ansel Adams landscape stamps for 2024

I’ve been rather slow mentioning these, but on the last day of 2023, here you go: a block of 16 stamps featuring images captured by the renowned landscape photographer Ansel Adams (1902–1984). The United States Postal Service announced November 30 its intentions to issue this set sometime in 2024.

Block of 16 United States Forever Ansel Adams stamps
United States Forever Ansel Adams stamps (image courtesy USPS)

Yosemite, Monument Valley, the Golden Gate, etc. Wow! I’m a sucker for a nice natural landscape on a stamp, and over a dozen in one go? I can see myself buying a few sheets of these for sure. Maybe more than a few sheets since most of the stamp artwork unveiled for next year hasn’t really grabbed my attention. These will look good on my outgoing mail.

There’s no word on an official release date for this set just yet, but I’ll keep you posted once I learn more.

Operation Smile features new artwork on BRE

Okay, we’re rapidly closing in on the end of 2023, and I’m trying to finish up a couple more blog posts before we head into the new calendar year. The subject of today’s entry is a business reply envelope distributed in mailings from the nonprofit Operation Smile this month.

Operation Smile business reply envelope bearing three preprinted stamp-sized designs picturing kite, giraffe, and Earth
Operation Smile business reply envelope with kite, giraffe, and Earth designs

The stamp-sized designs printed on the envelope depict a kite, a giraffe, and an anthropomorphized Earth holding a red heart. All three designs appear to be based on crayon artwork.

We received a pair of these in the mail: one in a mailing addressed to my wife, and one in a mailing addressed to me.

I rather prefer the appearance of the BRE distributed by Operation Smile in a fall mailing, which featured three different designs with simulated die cut perforations. They looked more like real stamps!

Purgatory Post commemorates Boston Tea Party

The United States of America’s 250th birthday is just over two years away, and the United States Postal Service has already announced a 2024 stamp commemorating the semiquincentennial of the First Continental Congress. New Hampshire-based Purgatory Post is also getting in on the action with a stamp commemorating the 250th anniversary of the Boston Tea Party.

1-sola Purgatory Post Boston Tea Party stamp
Purgatory Post Boston Tea Party stamp

The 1-sola stamp was issued December 16, exactly 250 years to the day after dozens of members of the Sons of Liberty boarded three ships and tossed their cargo of tea into the harbor.

The stamp’s frame is based on the design used for the 1926 Sesquicentennial Exposition stamp, but where that stamp was printed in a single color—carmine—Purgatory Post’s new issue features a multicolored vignette.

Como Park Post reissues 7¢ local delivery stamps

In September 2022, I wrote about a pair of Como Park Post 7¢ local delivery stamps I’d received from the Saint Paul, Minnesota, local post’s operator, Tom B. Tom recently sent an additional strip of three such stamps that appear to come from the same recut die as those I originally reported.

Como Park Post 7¢ local delivery stamps
Como Park Post 7¢ local delivery stamps

A major difference between these stamps and the originals is that the originals were printed on blue paper, while the ones I received recently are printed on yellow paper.

I have no information regarding an official date of issue or printing quantities for the new stamps, but if I receive any, I’ll certainly try to remember to pass it along.

Carina Nebula featured on pair of cinderella stamps

While I don’t receive huge quantities of mail in connection with my responsibilities as treasurer for the Local Post Collectors Society, a few covers do show up when it’s time for members to pay their annual dues. This year, one of the envelopes bore a pair of cinderella stamps picturing the Carina Nebula

Carina Nebula cinderella stamps
Carina Nebula cinderella stamps

The “JWST” at the bottom of the stamps appears to reference the James Webb Space Telescope. Images of the Carina Nebula and four other targets of interest were among the first taken by the James Webb Space Telescope that were released in July 2022.

These items do not appear to be local post stamps, but true cinderellas.

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