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Navigators cover, BRE both have stamp-sized images

Over the past four years, I’ve written here about numerous nonprofit business reply envelopes bearing cinderellas or pre-printed stamp-sized designs. Another of those showed up in the family mailbox this week, the third such item we’ve received from Navigators. This envelope bears three pre-printed examples of a somewhat stylized poinsettia.

Navigators business reply envelope bearing three pre-printed stamp-sized poinsettia designs
Navigators business reply envelope

A fairly nondescript BRE, typically worth only a couple of sentences here. What was noteworthy about this one is that it was distributed in an envelope that also bears several copies of a pre-printed stamp-sized image of a church!

Navigators envelope bearing three pre-printed stamp-sized church designs
Navigators envelope
Pre-printed stamp-sized designs picturing a church on Navigators envelope
Stamp-sized designs of a church on Navigators envelope

Why do I say that’s noteworthy? Because even though we’ve received business reply envelopes of this sort from numerous charities since the first one I saw from Boys Town in early 2019, this is the first time I can recall the outer envelope in which the BRE was mailed having the same sort of pre-printed images. It seems like such a simple thing, but this is the first one I can remember like that.

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